Virgin Launches New Mobile Plans, Offers More Flexibility

Good news for you mobile owners looking to save a few bucks on your monthly bill: Virgin Mobile has launched a new suite of post-paid caps, all about increasing value and flexibility.

The suite, called Your Cap, will consist of five plans ranging from the basic $20, right up to the $95 option, with all caps to include international calls. But perhaps best of all, unlike other deals on the market, the plans also include up to 50MB of mobile data, free voicemail and unrestricted Virgin-to-Virgin calls and texts. And it's not just existing Virgin customers who are set to benefit. New customers with their own phone look set to receive an additional 20% included value when they sign up to a Your Cap plan.

Of course, if you'd rather steer clear of the post-paid route, Virgin Mobile also offers monthly pre-paid Your Cap plans. Ranging from $35 to $95, each of the four pre-paid packages offers the same value as their post-paid counterparts. Which means the choice, value and flexibility are entirely yours.

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