Use Your Password As A Motivation Technique

Use Your Password As A Motivation Technique

How many times do you type your password each day? Reader Ben uses a motivational phrase as his password as a constant reminder to follow his goals.

The basic idea is to set your password to something that reminds you of your goals—so if your goal was to lose weight, your password would be something that motivated you to stick with your diet or remind you to make time for the gym. (Simply setting your password to “diet” probably isn’t a good idea, so be sure to add some extra characters.)

Ben’s tip, in his own words:

You type in your password countless times a day, but its often a string of meaningless letters and numbers. By choosing a password that reminds you of your goals, it becomes an instant reminder to stay on track – fitness, getting organised, whatever. Let’s say you’re trying to loose weight, if your Gmail password is “GM!diet1” every time you check your e-mail you’re subtly reminded not to have that second helping. If money is your vice, on the other hand, try your facebook password as “fb$SAVE”. It’s a small thing, but hey if you’re going to be typing in your password a handful of times a day, its better to have something that keeps you on course, than something meaningless.

It’s a very simple tip, but could really be a useful method for reminding yourself to stick with something. Thanks, Ben!

What motivational techniques do you use to keep yourself in tune with your goals? Tell us in the comments.


  • How come everyone is was this technique after the article is written? Yeah right. Be honest with yourselves guys. You think it is a good idea and you will start doing it now.

  • @mahimahi42…. bahahahah communism! lol, look out for the reds under your keys mate. What a cliche! sheesh. anyway it’s a good idea and I reckon it does work (communism and the password thing 4tw)

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