Use Windows Vista’s Offline Files To Access Documents Offline

Use Windows Vista’s Offline Files To Access Documents Offline

Windows only: The Windows Vista for Beginners weblog walks through using the under-used Offline Files feature built into Windows—so you can easily access your network documents while mobile.

The guide steps through how to enable the Offline Files feature, how to make network files available offline, and even how to tweak the amount of space used by the Offline Files feature—well worth a read for anybody storing their work documents on a network share or has the need to access documents from more than one network. The Offline Files feature is really geared at corporate environments, but would work out just fine for users sharing folders on a home network.

Hit the link for the full walk-through, or you can use previously mentioned DropBox for cross-platform file syncing with a web interface available from anywhere—for even more options, check out the five best file syncing tools, use Xmarks to sync your browser bookmarks, or sync any desktop calendar with Google Calendar.

Offline Files – How To Work With Network Files When Offline [Vista for Beginners]


  • 1. What happens say when a Word/Excel file is hared between multiple users in Offline mode, and they all make changes to the same file ? Upon sync, do all the changes get merged ? or Does the server copy get replaced by the changes made by the last pc to join the network ?

    2. Say one user is using an Offline copy of an Excel sheet etc, and goes off home editing that document, but at the same time someone in the office has already worked on the copy locally on the server. In this scenario what happens upon sync ?

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