Use A Printer For Counting Stacks Of Pre-Printed Documents

Use A Printer For Counting Stacks Of Pre-Printed Documents

Reader Gavan writes in with an interesting tip for using your printer to quickly count documents that might come in handy next time you volunteer to hand out fliers.

Photo by Kevin Cortopassi.

The idea is simple but brilliant (just how we like 'em): Run the pre-printed documents through a printer, letting the printer do the counting. The explanation in his own words:

What they were doing was putting these fliers in the printer as printer paper, and printing out a blank word document a certain number of times. It was a very simple solution, but I could see it being a big timesaver in certain situations.

You could use this method to either count out specific numbers—for example, you've got a stack of papers and need to give 40 pages to several different people (just print the blank document 40 times). Likewise, this method would work for determining how many pages you've got left in a stack—though with a little less precision (you'd have to estimate a little more). This method may not applicable to everybody, but it's the kind of clever thinking that we like—and might save you from a few paper cuts. Thanks, Gavan!


  • Be careful here, plenty of multifunction printers are counting the copies/prints and even if there is no image being created. If you’re on a typical ‘per copy cost’ service plan it may be costing you 2c per sheet to count your originals.

    Some major brands of larger office multifunction copier/printers have an original counting function built in. Stack’em on the feeder and the high speed scanner counts ’em off real quick.

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