Turn That IKEA Artist's Dummy Into A Lamp

gestaltalampMore than once, I've eyed off the IKEA Gestalta artists' dummy and then decided not to buy it as it'll just be one more piece of clutter. Blogger John came up with a good excuse for purchasing it though: he turned it into a lamp.

As well as offering an excuse (of sorts) for buying something that looks cool and only costs $5.95 but is ultimately pointless, adding the lighting elements might appeal to your inner surgeon. Rigged up your own cool lighting system from unexpected items? Share it in the comments.

[IKEA Hacker]


    Have you considered writing an Instructable (http://www.instructables.com/) on how exactly to do this?

    I want to make one for my artistic wife but have little skill in electronics?


    done and done a while ago :)


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