Trillian Astra Handing Out Invites Willy Nilly

Trillian Astra Handing Out Invites Willy Nilly

We’re not sure how permanent it is, but Trillian’s apparently giving out invites for their Trillian Astra client—Windows version only—almost immediately after you apply.

Back before Pidgin and Digsby were winning over your IM hearts, Trillian was the go-to IM app for multi-protocol support. Trillian Astra, the new and improved version of Trillain, has been rumoured since 2006—officially qualifying it as vaporware in our book—but the invite-only beta has suddenly gotten very generous.

Just shove your info into the boxes on the signup page, hit Submit, and check your email. You should be getting an invite shortly after. (Make sure to check your spam folder if not.)

We’re not sure if this loosey goosey signup procedure is indicative of the Windows IM client almost being finished, but it has been about seventeen years since they first started development. Thanks thegamersforce!

Trillian Astra – Beta Sign Up


  • Trillian is the best webclient.. or was?
    It bundles all the web clients saving me some time and pain.

    the scheme’s are pretty ugly, but then again I like things small and simple, some people who feel that they love staring at programs rather then using them might love it.

    Ask toolbar is useless which installs with trillian astra, they say you can remove, however my computer crashes when i try ,and my laptop recieves and error and it fails too.

    You could remove with a registry cleaner, but personally i reccommend finding an older version of trillian, which is all i need.

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