Top 10 Ubuntu Downloads

Top 10 Ubuntu Downloads

The reviews are in, and the just-released Ubuntu 9.04, i.e. “Jaunty Jackalope,” rates as a slick, fully-formed Linux desktop. Looking to get started or upgrade your system? We’re recommending 10 downloads for everyone to try.

Graphic by Andrew Mason.

A quick note about this compilation—it’s a little different than a list of Windows or Mac utilities. We link to each application’s home page, but most of them (with exceptions noted) can be installed from Ubuntu’s repositories, the default collection of software any user can access by heading to their System menu, then Administration, then choosing Synaptic Package Manager. Search out the app’s name there to install it (or, for terminal fans, type something like sudo apt-get install conky). Many of the applications also have Windows or Mac versions that work well for dual-booting users.

10. Ubuntu Tweak

Head to the program site to download

9. Screenlets

Google GadgetsRemember the Milkcompizconfig-settings-manager

8. Handbrake

our readers like it, tooHead to the program site to grab a pre-compiled Ubuntu version; the 8.10 version should work fine in 9.04

7. Yakuake


6. UNetbootin

CrunchBangFedora 11 beta

5. Songbird

alternative iPod wranglersmanage your iPodHead to the program site to download

4. Conky

mutli-colored, iconic desktopto-dos and Twitter replies
showed you in our Conky guide

3. VirtualBox

trimmed-down XPbeginner to get intoseamless taskbarUbuntu’s repositories carry the “Open Source Edition” of VirtualBox, which is much the same, but lacks certain features, including USB support; head to the program site to download standard packages for 9.04

2. DropBox

Head to the program site to download pre-compiled Ubuntu packages


smart and intuitive desktop dock

What apps and add-ons make your Ubuntu desktop productive and comfortable? What alternatives do you prefer to our list items? Give us your open-source offerings in the comments.

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