Top 10 Home Office Hacks

Top 10 Home Office Hacks

Whatever kind of work you do at home, your office is one place you want to spend the time to make comfortable and convenient. Take 10 of our tips on organising, fixing, and streamlining that space.

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10. Get more natural or ambient light

10 cheap home office improvementsextreme home office makeover

9. Keep you PCs clean and quiet

rubber shockselastic suspenders

8. Cover the non-obvious comforts

perfect home office

7. Install a worthy whiteboard

glass versionput one together

6. Rescue your filing cabinet

file inside document organising system

5. Charge and stash your gadgets away

Remember when one power strip was all you needed for everything electronic in your life? Yeah, we do too. But these days, your cell phone, camera battery, iPod, work phone, laptop battery, and other gear require both space and voltage. Keeping them off your desk space, yet still easily found and charged, is easy to accomplish. You can simply convert a cheap bedside table or soften up a simple box, or get fancy by adding switches or automatic lighting. If you’ve just got one or two things to keep handy but out of the way, a wall-mounted charger, made from an empty lotion bottle, no less, might be all you need.

4. Keep wires out of sight

3. Make it easy on your eyes, arms, and … seat

ergonomic workspace plannerworkspace assessmentReader’s Digest suggestsbuild your own standing desk space

2. Get a label maker—the lightsaber of organisation

1. Keep it clean

totally remade his entire home office spaceclean it and keep it that wayPhoto by frischmilch.

What makes your home office a great place to work? How do you keep it both comfortable and productive? What productivity problems do you need to tackle in your setup? We want to hear it all in the comments.

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