Tjoos Aggregates And Verifies Discount Shopping Coupons And Codes

Tjoos Aggregates And Verifies Discount Shopping Coupons And Codes
tjoosWith a claimed database of 20,000 verified online discount coupons, Tjoos wants to be the first place you go looking for bargains online. But does it live up to the promise?

The concept of Tjoos is quite neat — aggregating coupons by store, and verifying that they work — but in practice the site is still a bit too rough around the edges. Although Tjoos is based in Australia, the operation is heavily biased towards US vendors, and there’s no efficient way of just searching for coupons in a given country (other than a handful of tags for capital cities).

Adding ‘Australia’ to search terms doesn’t help; your best bet is to pick a store, search for it by name, and scan the results to see if the Australian operation is present. The verification also seems a tad spotty: when I tested two of the more obvious candidates for coupons in Australia (Dell and Dominos), neither had any verified coupons present. (Tjoos estimates that about 10% of the coupons listed on the site had been tested to establish they work.)

With more work, Tjoos could be useful, but right now you’re better off sticking with local operations like OzBargain or Retailfans. Wherever you source your discount codes, check our guide to getting the most from those bargains.



  • Angus, thanks for the post! You are certainly right to say that our performance for use in Australia is sub-par. The vast majority of our users is from the US and that’s where our focus has been. We do actually list the country for each store in our database, but we haven’t used this yet. Definitely something to look into.

    Verification of coupons takes a lot of time and even with our team of 5 full-time coupon experts, we still can’t do everything, therefore we focus our efforts for maximum results. Currently over 70% of the time when a user on our site views a coupon it’s verified within the last 30 days.

    SueBeard: We actually source our coupons from a wide range of places. Many merchants provide us directly with coupons and we list 1400+ coupons that are exclusive to We also sift through over 10.000 newsletters each month to find coupons. And our users also contribute many coupons. We estimate that we list roughly twice as many working online coupon codes than any other coupon site (including retailmenot).

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