The Vanishing Standing Desk

The Vanishing Standing Desk

What’s the best part about hiding a standing desk in a wardrobe? Simply closing the doors makes your entire office vanish.

Lifehacker reader Kraemer modified a wardrobe to be a rather well-camouflaged standing desk. He adjusted the shelves to turn one into a small laptop-friendly desk for his Macbook, the others are spaced to hold peripherals and his paper shredder and waste bin.

Since the wardrobe wasn’t drilled to put the shelves so close together, the shelf for the desk and the shelf for the peripherals are spaced by glass window bricks. The bricks are a novel and visually appealing way to go about making enough room to fit his chargers and USB hub.

The desk is well lit with Grundtal LED lights from Ikea, they are both bright and safe for use in the semi-enclosed space of the wardrobe. When it’s time to tidy up the room, tucking away the computer and accompanying gear is as easy as flipping off the lights and shutting the doors. Nice work Kraemer!

For more picture of his setup check out the link below.

The Hidden Standing Desk [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


  • what a prehistoric idea….
    No seat, meaning no longer then 15 mins, which means no more then checking email and social networking sites, and maybe a news site, which all can be done from a simple compact mobile phone

    This guy was just bored, and probably uses his laptop roaming around, and the cupboard is more of a docking station/media player

    • You must be really unfit or something. There’s actual health benefits to using a standing desk over a sitting, slumping, back bending sitting desk like we’re all used to.

      I’m actually using one right now and I’ve been standing here for about two hours. If your foot or leg gets sore, shift your balance. Simple.

      Sitting for extended periods does many bad things for your body, such as your spine, your posture, your energy levels, your back in general, it can lead to sciatica.

      Maybe try it?

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