The Office Under The Stairs

Sometimes it can be tough to find space for your home office, but a little flexibility goes a long way. Today's featured workspace is tucked, of all places, under a flight of stairs.

Lifehacker reader nycGRAEME only had so much space to go around. Putting his workspace under the large metal staircase leading up to his terrace was a great way to reclaim otherwise unused space and turn it into a compact home office. He opted to use a simple but elegant table as his desk, with not much else in the space but a comfy Herman Miller Aeron office chair.

The only other furniture is a small file cabinet salvaged from a local shop and sandblasted down to the bare metal, serving double duty as a printer stand. The quote on his computer desktop does a good job summarizing the office itself: Design is knowing when to stop. For more picture of his office including notes on the setup, check out the full set below.

The Office Under the Stairs [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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