The Mac-tacular Lair

The Mac-tacular Lair

What do you get when you combine tons of shiny tech toys and a consistent eye for design? Judging by the hundreds of comments and questions about it, the envy of quite a few folks.

Lifehacker reader m2j2 has invested quite a bit of time, creativity, and cold, hard cash into his office setup. The result is an office that is not only visually appealing but packed with enough shiny tech toys to cover all sorts of work and play. His office is set up to handle just about anything he wants to throw at it, short of planning a zombie apocalypse resistance, although don’t quote me on that—for all we know, the office is in an abandoned missile silo.

A sturdy and adjustable ergonomic Biomorph desk is the foundation of his workspace, holding up a triple monitor bank connected to a Mac Pro and Powermac G5 which are linked to a single keyboard and mouse via Teleport. The computers are mounted to the legs of the desk to keep them off the floor and less exposed to dust. All the desks have LED strip lights attached for ambient lighting, a popular trend as evidenced by other featured workspaces like Purple Moods and Glowing Cubes and Unidentified Floating Desk.

Not only did he take the time to throw some pictures of his office on Flickr and into the Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool, but he included extensive details about his setup. What he didn’t cover in his photo notes he covered in the comments section. If you see anything in the pictures you’d like to know more about, there’s a good chance he’s noted it or answered another curious viewer’s question about it. Check out the link below for more information about his setup.

The Mac-tacular Lair [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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