The Color Method Desktop

The Color Method Desktop

Reader нawk’s OS X desktop is an impressive gray-scale overhaul of the entire system—with system stats, customised dock and even modified folder icons blended together nicely.

The desktop is a combination of:

  • The wallpaper is a modified version of The Color Method by J3Concepts.
  • The Kobhens dock icons by Roburto Urso, AMANA by Nolloo and Imrik.
  • The folder icons are by J3Concepts.
  • Magnifique skin: Mistikons dark.
  • Geektool: Custom scripts for system stats.
  • Adium contact list: custom modification of other Adium skins.
  • Adium message display: M-Squared Minimal.
  • Bowtie: custom modification of Simple. Release coming soon.

Great job, нawk!

The colour Method – In Use [Flickr]

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