The Collapsing Desk

The Collapsing Desk

How do you fit a full size work space into a pint-size apartment? Build a desk that folds right out of the way.

Lifehacker reader afterthetone lives in a small apartment, but he didn’t let that limit him to working crouched over a coffee table. After tearing down a bookcase and repurposing the shelves, he was able to build a desk with a folding work surface.

The wood slabs (desk area) you see before you, are actually the remnants of a bookcase that I took apart for this very reason. They rest solely on two file cabinets for maximum storage. There are also shelves under the desk, which house a printer, stereo, garbage can and foot rest. The front part of the desk is collapsible for maximizing floor space when it is really necessary, but also being able to maximise workspace the rest of the time.

The Collapsible Desk [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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