The Bamboo Studio

A serene and well laid out workspace is a significant productivity booster. With soothing lighting and bamboo walls, it would be tough not to be creative in the Bamboo Studio.

Lifehacker reader OmarEHamid has quite the chill space to work on his computer and get some recording done. The walls of his workspace are bamboo, harvested right from his own backyard. The glass table, taking a cue from the Purple Moods and Glowing Cubes school of illumination, is lit from below and provides a nice soothing and diffuse lighting. On the unlit side table Omar has various music and recording equipment laid out, the mount for his microphone, and storage for his computer's peripherals. We couldn't get our hands on one of Omar's swanky modern stools to see if it was as comfortable as it was cool looking, but it definitely adds a visual aesthetic to the workspace. Nice work Omar!

Bamboo Studio [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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