spellr.us Runs A Spell Check Across Your Site

spellr.us Runs A Spell Check Across Your Site
spellresultsSuspect that your site is riddled with typos? Web service spellr.us will identify spelling mistakes while you wait.

Despite the .us domain, the operation is Sydney-based, so there’s a proper Australian spelling option. On a trial run through my personal site, it quickly picked up a bunch of stupid errors, which (as a pedant of long standing) I’m now kicking myself for lasting this long without being detected. With that said, it also inevitably picked up a lot of individual names and specialised vocabulary. You can add frequently used terms to an individual dictionary.

spellr.us is free to trial and for a quick once-over on your site, though it gets costlier pretty quickly if you want ongoing checking, with the cheapest option costing $24 a month. That’s probably too pricey for your personal site, but could be a worthwhile investment on a business site with a lot of text content that changes regularly.



  • Cheers for this. I tend to write most of my blog posts in word before posting them (as exact word count is an issue on http://www.100wordreviews.net), so the only errors this found were personal choices (eg. “that’d”). Don’t think I’d pay for it, though. A copy/paste into word is a pretty easy option (and free). But I could certainly see that some companies would be willing to pay for this.

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