Single Click Restore Point Makes Restore Point Creation A Snap

Windows only: You're about to do something to your computer and you know you should probably make a restore point, but who wants to dig around in some menus? Make one with a single click.

Single Click Restore Point is a tiny executable that does just that. While logged into an account with administrative privileges you simply click the .EXE and it creates a restore point for you. The only inconvenience is you lose the ability to individually name your restore points.

Every restore point created with Single Click Restore Point is labelled by the date and "Created With SCRP Tool" as seen in the screenshot at right, a more than acceptable compromise if it means you use the restore tool more frequently. Single Click Restore Point is freeware, Windows only. Single Click Restore Point [via Life Rocks 2.0]


    I got a trojan warning from A-square when I went to install this.

    "The program described above was trying to be executed. The scan result was that this file is infected by Malware. You are urgently advised to block this program!"

    Reported: Trojan-PWS.Banker

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