Should Comic Sans Be "Banned"?

It's not the only free-spirited font installed by default on most computers, but it's almost certainly the most widely, and often inappropriately, used. If you had your way, would Comic Sans ever see the light of day?

The Wall Street Journal details the long-simmering feud over Comic Sans, a light-hearted, goofy font originally created for a children's interface by then Microsoft employee Vincent Connare, drawing inspiration from hand-lettered comic book dialogue. Since then, most of us have come to groan at its frequent and overbearing use by HR managers, on community flyers tacked to bulletin boards, or anywhere someone wanted to inject a little artificial jokey atmosphere. It has its uses, especially in the realm of children's products, but folks like those behind the Ban Comic Sans movement believe its negatives far outweigh the benefits. Here's their video manifesto:

We've shown you plenty of ways to avoid lazy font-picking, such as Gina's roundup of killer typography tools and free font downloads. But let's put it to the crowd: Does Comic Sans need to die, or at least get shuffled out of Microsoft Word's stack of default fonts? Or does the average office worker need a better education about typefaces?

Tell us your take, and share your worst Comic Sans horror stories, in the comments.

Typeface Inspired by Comic Books Has Become a Font of Ill Will []


    The author of Comic Sans never intended it to be used like this. He explans why he made the font at

    Also gives a presentation "I Hate Comic Sans"

    Of course not. It helps people identify n00b designers, documents and websites :)

    Yeah, education is better than prohibition. But if it does get moved out, Papyrus can go with it.

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