Seven To Offer Heroes Download Prior To Australian Broadcast

Seven To Offer Heroes Download Prior To Australian Broadcast
heroesChannel Seven is going to allow viewers to download the season opener of Heroes a week before it gets broadcast on April 23. It’s a welcome change, but still leaves Aussies lagging well behind the rest of the world in online TV options.

Lara Sinclair at the Australian reports that viewers will be able to download the season opener of Heroes from today, and that subsequent episodes will be viewable online at Seven’s site following broadcast. It’s a belated acknowledgement of the fact that people expect more flexible viewing options, but might seem more meaningful if the episode was newer, not something that got shown on US television back in February. Chances are that Heroes fanatics saw the show on channel BT long ago.

With the notable exception of the ABC’s popular iView service, Australian networks have been pretty late to the party when it comes to offering full-length episodes online — in part because of the difficulty of negotiating rights on overseas programs, and in part because they seem too worried about the potential impact on revenue.

Heroes Free On Net: Seven


  • This seems like a wasted effort. Fans just want to be able to see watch episodes in the same week they are aired in the U.S. When are TV networks going to realise this?
    There will only be one episode left to air in the U.S. when the series starts here in Australia.

    I would revert to watching Heroes on the old TV if channel seven aired the series at similar time as the U.S.

  • to late, seven should be doing that as well as being 1 week behind the US else it won’t be much of a hit.

    Unless of they release 1028p mkv (or even 720p mkv) non drm videos a week before, then i would be in 🙂

  • Just a case of shutting the stable door…etc. When channel 10 stuffed up viewers of “The Shield” some months ago many got the Channel BT ball rolling, now I can have whatever I want on my tv within a few hours of airing in the US automatically.

  • After the pain of trying to watch Heroes on Channel 7 – stopping the season two episodes before the actual conclusion, constantly changing time slots, putting it on one hour different on 7HD and not running to time (making it difficult to record because it on late), not advertising its return only to air two episodes and then nothing for weeks after – how do they expect people to follow this show. They couldn’t give a stuff about their viewers.

    Luckly I can just go and download a 720p torrent right after it airs in the US and watch it the next night no dramas.

    Channel 7 have put themselves out of business as far as I’m concerned. Idiots.

    As for getting a download from seven – why would you? I highly doubt it would be as fast as these very popular torrents and it definitely won’t be ad free.

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