Save The Last Flash Movie You Watched

Linux only: Reader Blake writes in with his method for quickly making a copy of the last Flash video you watched in your browser.

Whenever you watch a Flash video in your browser, the entire video is buffered to your hard drive, and stored in a temporary folder. You can then make a copy of the Flash video by browsing through your temp folder manually, but Blake has automated this with a shell script that prompts you for a friendly name, and then automatically saves the video to your ~/Videos folder.

To re-create this for yourself, create a new shell script and paste in the following:

#!/bin/bash name=$(/usr/bin/zenity —entry —title="Name your Video" —height=100 —width=300 —text="Please name your video ") cp /tmp/Fla* ~/Videos/"$name"

Then you'll need to set the script as executable with the chmod command, adjusting for the name of your script:

sudo chmod 755

Once you've completed these steps, just create a new launcher for your Gnome panel—and clicking it should display the dialog in the screenshot. Great job, Blake!

If you won't use this enough to bother with a script, you can go through the steps manually when necessary.


    nice script I made some mods.. so it auto names the file with the current youtube page title.
    never know, someone might find it useful.

    name=$(xwininfo -tree -root | sed -n 's/.*YouTube - \(.*\) -.*/\1/p')
    zenity --entry --title="Name your video" --text="Enter Filename:" --entry-text="$name" --height=100 --width=400

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