Save And Share Google Maps Directions With My Maps

The My Maps feature of Google Maps has been around for quite some time, but if you are a regular Google Map user and you're not using it to share common directions, it's worth it.

The Google LatLong blog (Google's official blog for all things Google Earth and Maps) has a simple beginner's tutorial for using the My Maps feature to customise and save directions—complete with notes—so you've got a repository of common directions with helpful annotation.

If you've used My Maps, let's hear what you're using it for in the comments. Save and share directions with My Maps [Google LatLong]


    We think that the best way to share directions is to get the person staying at a place giving the directions - as well as marking the maps in my maps in google.

    A good site that makes this connection is - it combines the power of social networking with that of the map providers

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