Rolling Outages Frustrate Gmail Users

Rolling Outages Frustrate Gmail Users

Gmail acting a bit flaky for you lately? You’re not a lone. According to CNET, several Gmail users were unable to access their email yesterday. Ditto, according to a couple of your Lifehacker editors. In fact, we’ve been seeing quite a bit of flakiness from Lifehacker’s Google Apps Gmail lately—another sobering reminder that reliance on the web can be problematic. The small silver lining: With Offline Gmail, you can at least continue to access any email you’ve got downloaded for offline access. If you’ve been affected by the recent Gmail outages, let’s hear about it in the comments. [CNET]


  • I haven’t been able to get my gmail on iphone since 6am this morning. Mail app on my phone tells me that is unreachable. I can ping the server, but I guess the service is out in my area… I’m in Canada…

  • Millions of users world wide at the same time, and a few users cant use it for a bit?

    C’mon Guys….No technology platform can have 100% uptime.

  • I’ve been experiencing it too. Usually when I fist start Gmail, I have refresh the page 3 or 4 times before it goes online. Sometimes completely closing the browser and restarting (and then refreshing) gets it done…but…*Shakes Head* it certainly is frustrating…what’s more is, sometimes I forget about it, and I go to click on a new email (the header of which has downloaded) to have it sit there loading for a few moments before I realise the whole thing is offline, and despite being able to see the message in the inbox, I cannot actually open the email.
    I wish Google would get them selves sorted out.
    I mean, sure the offline feature is nice, but if it only downloads the headers, for a glitch like this, it is only more frustrating…not less.

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