Readable App Formats Web Text For Ultra-Customised Reading

Readable App Formats Web Text For Ultra-Customised Reading

Hot on the heels of the Readability bookmarklet, we’re tipped to another eye-friendly bookmarklet that offers a whole host of text-customization for long reads and crowded articles on the web.

As with Readability, users with any browser can head to the bookmarklet’s setup page, choose a few reading options, then drag a “Readable” link onto their bookmarks/links toolbar. The major difference with Readability, other than the voluminous font, size, and layout options, is that its readable text scroll appears as an overlay that greys out the rest of the page, and can be switched on an off by clicking a “Readable” icon that embeds itself in the upper-left corner of the screen. The major similar with Readability is the site-by-site specificity of its workings; some sites don’t seem to love its text-widening ways, but more straight-up options like Wikipedia work just fine.

Here’s a clip of Readable in action:

Readable is free to use, should work with any browser that supports JavaScript. Thanks Gabriel Coarna!

Readable App: read the web


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