Qantas Extends Deadline For Transferring Points

Qantas Extends Deadline For Transferring Points
qantaslogoIf you tried to follow our advice yesterday to set up automated points collection for your Qantas Frequent Flyer, you may have found yourself hanging on the phone for hours and still getting nowhere. Recognising that many people simply couldn’t get through as the March 31 deadline loomed, Qantas has extended the deadline — kind of.

In a press statement rushed out late last night, the airline giant acknowledged that “exceptionally high demand has caused some customer service issues”. As a result, Qantas will keep accepting transfers from people who couldn’t get through. However, the statement goes on to say that “any transfers made after 31 March are at the discretion of the card provider, so members will need to contact their card provider as soon as possible”. So hit those phones again!


  • I work in a bank call centre and our queues are backed up like crazy because of this crap, making it difficult for people with serious questions to get through. I feel sorry for the people with real problems as they almost have heart attacks while waiting. Plus makes my job more difficult trying to help soo many people after they yell at me about the wait, making more people wait. It’s kind of not needed, my bank is automatically transferring points over for you when your card changes to the new scheme (i’m sure most would be)… Yet they still keep on calling, thanks a lot Qantas.

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