Purple Moods And Glowing Cubes

Purple Moods And Glowing Cubes

Today’s featured workspace uses the very material the workspace is made out of to create ambiance and a sense of space.

The simple components of Shibbopics’ home office are used to great effect. The surface of the frosted-glass desk is neat enough on its own, but with the addition of Ikea Dioder LED lights, the desk is transformed from a simple surface to a source of ambient light.

Beside the desk a basic wire-cube storage unit—a staple in many a dorm room—serves double duty as a rack for peripherals and a point of visual interest thanks to the shadows it casts. Under the desk the wires are managed with cable wraps but not too tightly or out of the way that tweaking the setup is a headache. The desk is notably bare of any sort of paper or writing instruments. Who needs a pen when you have akeyboard that appears to levitate on an luminous cloud of awesome? For more pictures of his mood lit and minimalist setup, check out the gallery below.

Purple Moods and Glowing Cubes [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell]


  • yes, led lighting can be very effective when diffuse translucent materials are brought into the work area, and this can allow the use of some of the higher output leds with a more broadband spectrum and consistent color profiles.

    Mind you, any back-lit or side-lit display will add to eyestrain over extended work periods, and will spoil any graphic work.
    But, we can still use these cheap diffusing translucent materials in top-down light-surfaces that can eliminate shadows: Given that some have a neutral color cast that won’t yellow under the low-temperatures of even 5W led’s, the possibilities are promising.

    With the proper planning, intensity and measurement methods, we could have an ISO-compliant color-neutral digital darkroom approaching commercial proofing setups. I think I have the lighting solved for my new room now. All that is left is the Dulux # for TRUE “neutral gray”.

    And, if we popped several RGB fixtures within the same matrix, non-graphical work could enjoy the light blue tints of morning, afternoon wrap-up beiges, or relaxing down-time creamy reds.. changing as the differing work loads of the day progress… no more 2:00pm slowdown…

    …And I guess a groovy Disco-inspired theme or photoepilleptic nightmare could be arranged for those with true grit. Why not?

    Now break out the Vet’s mineral oil and Jaycar’s acoustic tiles to banish the comforting but increasingly unwelcome hum of Fanus-Computaris and that infernal impromptu child-care centre next door.

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