PrtScr Brings Snipping Tool To All Versions Of Windows

PrtScr Brings Snipping Tool To All Versions Of Windows

Windows only: If you noticed Snipping Tool in the screen capture Hive Five and were disappointed it wasn’t available in pre-Vista Windows, take heart. PrtScr is a supercharged remix for all versions.

On top of cloning the interface and existing functionality of Snipping Tool, PrtScr goes further and improves on the capture itself. Unlike Snipping Tool, PrtScr can capture overlay windows like the translucent components of desktop widgets. You can capture with freehand movements or by region, and annotate and draw on your snips on the fly. Watch the short video below to see PrtScr in action:

PrtScr is a great minimalist screen capture tool, especially for those left out in the cold with the release of the original Snipping Tool. PrtScr is freeware, Windows only. Thanks necronomicider! PrtScr


  • I personally like the “Snipping Tool Hot Key” from a company called “Software Candy”.

    For some reason not many people know about it but since I am really good at Googling for things that I need (a *single* hotkey for the snipping tool), I found them.


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