Pronounce Names Saves You From Embarrassment

Pronounce Names Saves You From Embarrassment

Search engine Pronounce Names—perhaps unsurprisingly—contains a database of names complete with proper pronunciation, saving you from embarrassment next time you face a challenging name.

Pronounce Names is very similar to previously mentioned How to Say that Name, a site that offers only audio pronunciations of user-submitted names. Pronounce Names appears to do audio as well, but we weren’t able to find any recordings on the site (so How to Say that Name wins out on that front). However, How to Say that Name doesn’t offer any phonetic pronunciation guides (Pronounce Names does), which is annoying when the submitted audio isn’t that good or you need help sounding it out yourself. Either way you slice it, both services can come in very handy in a pinch. Thanks EstaApplesauce!

Pronounce Names


  • No, no, it’s written Richard Luxuryyacht, but it’s pronounced Throatwobbler Mangrove!

    But seriously, different people with non-English names have different preferences for their pronunciation in English. My name is Aram, which is a common Armenian name, and I’m used to it being pronounced like Adam (with an r instead of d). But some time ago, I was working in an office with another Aram, who preferred his name to be pronounced as “a ram”. In fact, that was actually quite convenient, since people could refer to us unambiguously.

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