Productivity Script Reminds You To Spend Time Wisely

Productivity Script Reminds You To Spend Time Wisely

Reader Robert writes in with his own excellent and ubergeeky method of staying productive—a script that pops up a reminder every so often asking whether you are spending your time wisely.

Once the script has been launched, it will ask you every 20 minutes to consider how you are spending your time, and ask you whether you want to continue—answering yes will start the timer over, otherwise the script will exit. At first glance it may sound annoying, but after using this script for a few hours I’ve already caught myself doing “research” on Wikipedia and goofing off on IM—this reminder is an excellent tool to keep you focused on productivity.

To install the script for your own use, open up notepad and create a new *.vbs file, and then paste in the following code. To launch the script, all you need to do is double-click on the file.

‘ Written by Robert Matusky ~~
‘ 2009-04-05

minutes = 20
seconds = minutes * 60
milliseconds = seconds * 1000

userContinue = msgBox (“Consider if this is really how I need to be spending my time. Continue?”, vbYesNo + vbSystemModal )
yesVal = 6
if userContinue = yesVal then
Wscript.sleep milliseconds
end if
loop While userContinue = yesVal

Robert advises to create a shortcut to the file in your Windows startup programs folder so you won’t forget to launch it. You can easily customise the message or change the reminder time to something other than 20 minutes—I gave my script a more stern and personalised warning. Great job, Robert!


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