PocketSmith Forecasts Your Financial Future

PocketSmith Forecasts Your Financial Future

We’ve seen plenty of personal finance tools designed to help you track what you’re spending, but web site PocketSmith is an impressive new web-based personal finance tool for forecasting your financial future.

You’re responsible for manually adding your financial transactions to PocketSmith. You can upload your transactions in OFX, QIF, or CSV format to PocketSmith, so it’s not as though you have to enter in every line item manually (though you can create manual accounts to do just that if you prefer).

PocketSmith even integrates with Google Calendar so your important cash flow events (bills and deposits) are laid out for you.

When you set your spending goals, PocketSmith helps you track your actual spending versus your projected spending.
The thing we like most about PocketSmith is its emphasis on projections and forecasts, letting you see what you’re aiming for financially.

We haven’t spent enough time with PocketSmith to really make a full judgment call on the application’s effectiveness as a whole (that’s always a difficulty when checking out personal finance apps), but we know one thing for sure: It looks great, and we do like the app’s emphasis on future financial goals (dangling the carrot is a very good thing). If you’ve spent more time with it than we have, let’s hear what you think about it in the comments.


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