Perks Still Define The Best Places To Work

Perks Still Define The Best Places To Work
DonutsForget team-building or flexible hours — when it comes to deciding on the best place to work, it seems our heads are still more likely to be turned by beanbags and doughnuts.

BRW has just published its Top 50 Great Places To Work list, with perennial Lifehacker favourite Google at the top of the list. And while the companies on the list vary widely, there’s a common element, as the Sydney Morning Herald reports:

The magazine said there was a common theme at all the Top 50 companies – perks.

When we posted recently about how staff benefits were facing cuts as the recession bites, there was a general consensus that cutting back on staff benefits was a poor strategy, and this looks like further confirmation. What workplace perk can’t you live without?

Google named Australia’s best place to work [SMH]


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