OpenDNS Protects Against The Conficker Worm

OpenDNS Protects Against The Conficker Worm

Yesterday we offered up a guide to protecting your Windows PC from the Conficker worm, set to perhaps start doing something this week. Free net service OpenDNS is another option for anyone concerned about today’s not-so-funny happening.

Why? OpenDNS has been tracking the Conficker worm and blocking the sites it keeps reaching out to for its nefarious further instructions. As OpenDNS’ David Ulevitch puts it:

The latest variant of Conficker is now churning through 50,000 domains per day in an attempt to thwart blocking attempts. Consider this: at any given time we have filters that hold well over 1,000,000 domains (when you combine our phishing and domain tagging filters). 50,000 domains a day isn’t going to rock the boat.

It’s free to use and set up; here’s a detailed guide for home networks.

Worried about Conficker on April 1? Setting up OpenDNS can protect your network[OpenDNS Blog]

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