Olive Oil Can Smooth Your Skin, Polish Your Steel, And Heal Your Eararche

Want smoother skin, nicely polished steel, or a quick earache remedy? Plenty of products are available designed specifically to tackle the tasks at hand, but if you’re in a pinch, try olive oil.

Photo by fdecomite.

According to Health.com, the ubiquitous kitchen ingredient can fill any of those needs with aplomb, for example:

Warm olive oil can soothe your child’s (or your) achy ear, says Rachel Lewis, MD, a pediatrician at Columbia University Medical centre. (Note: Only for kids 2 and up.) Use a syringe to place 2 to 4 drops of warm oil in ear (5 to 10 in your own). Follow up with doctor.

Every kitchen worth its salt has a bottle of olive oil on hand, and while you could maybe find a better tool for any of the jobs Health.com recommends, olive oil is a nice fallback for those times you need a quick home remedy right now. And if you’re interested in using it for—*gasp*—food purposes, check out how to create a quick infused olive oil before dinner.

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