Office 2007 Mapping Workbooks Show Where Everything Went

Office 2007 Mapping Workbooks Show Where Everything Went

officeguidesConfused by Office 2007’s Ribbon? Some free spreadsheet guides might help you untangle the mess.
The Ribbon interface introduced in Office 2007 — and now sprinkled somewhat randomly through Windows 7 as well — is often a love-it-or-hate-it affair. It might well be a more logical arrangement for newbies, but for experienced users of earlier versions, there can be a lot of hunt and peck involved (and some serious muscle memory work retraining on keyboard shortcuts).

If you can’t find a particular command, the Mapping Workbooks produced by Microsoft can be helpful. For each product in Office 2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access), there’s a spreadsheet showing where commands from each menu in Office 2003 can now be found on the ribbon. (If the command isn’t there, chances are it’s been merged into some other process in a way that leaves you stuck with relearning it from scratch.)

For shortcuts you used regularly, setting up macros probably still makes sense, but for finding your way around the unfamiliar interface in an Office product you don’t use regularly, the mappings can be very handy. (Firefox users should note that the spreadsheet download process is nastily IE-centric and throws up a bunch of error messages before you actually hit the download you want, but does work.) Office 2007 Mapping Workbooks.
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