Microsoft SharePoint Designer Now Free

sharepointdesignerSharePoint Designer, a Microsoft tool for designing sites for use with its SharePoint "intranet solution" (yucky phrase, but what else to call it?), is now free. If you're working in a Microsoft shop (or just sharpening your IIS and SharePoint skills to score a job), it's a good chance to check out a ribbon-enabled, MS-friendly design tool without having to splash out $450 or so for the full version. SharePoint Designer [via Inside Office Online Blog]


    Fantastic news! Although, the less said about SharePoint in general, the better... Anyway, now I can run SPD on my home PC for free :D

    I use SPD at work for dataviews and it's also my primary HTML/CSS editor (and yes, I have access to adobe master suite). It's fast and gets the job done.

    Who'da thunk I'd be saying... THANKS MICROSOFT :)

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