ListenToYouTube Rips Audio From YouTube Vidoes To MP3

ListenToYouTube Rips Audio From YouTube Vidoes To MP3

You find a great video on YouTube and you’d love to save the audio or load it on your MP3 player to listen to later. What can you do? You can hop over to ListenToYouTube.

There are all sorts of interesting lectures, polemics, diatribes, and other things on YouTube that could be easily be enjoyed while just listening. If you find some gems on YouTube you’d love to listen to while commuting or working out at the gym, don’t skip over them because you can’t YouTube on the road. ListenToYouTube is a simple web-based application for pulling the audio out of a YouTube video and converting it to MP3. The service is free and simple: you plug in the URL for the video, it grabs the audio, you download the MP3. You’ll be on your way to listening to Merlin Mann and David Allen while jogging with just a few clicks. Have a favourite way of squeezing more use out of YouTube? Sound off in the comments below. Thanks Nick!



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