Inexpensive Vegetable Trellis Grows Vegetables In Small Spaces

If you already have a fence or railing available, there is a simple and cheap way to turn them into extra growing spaces in your garden.

Over at the gardening blog DigginFood, they have an economical solution for squeezing more space out of your garden.

Last summer we decided to convert our west-facing, 6-foot tall fence into a growing space by installing panels of welded wire mesh on it. The mesh is sold at hardware stores for concrete reinforcing. We bought mesh with four-inch square holes and each 4-foot by 6-foot piece cost less than five dollars. The grand total for this super functional trellis? Fifteen bucks.

It would appear the mesh is spaced just right to encourage the growth of squash, cucumbers, beans, and tomatoes upwards instead of sprawling out into their tiny garden. The installation was a breeze, they used a heavy-duty staple gun to staple the mesh right to the wood of their fence. Alternately you could use thick zip-ties if you didn't want to put staple holes in the railing of your deck. Have your own creative way to squeeze out enough space to grow your favourite veggies? Sound off in the comments below. Inexpensive DIY Vegetable Trellis [via TipNut]


    This is actually a great idea. We grow a lot of vegetables and we have a long fence. Until now I was not using the fence effectively for growing vegetables. This year we will try this idea and grow beans along the fence.

    The beauty of your method is, it is very easy to setup. Thanks for the very useful post.

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