How To Customise Internet Explorer 8

How To Customise Internet Explorer 8
Granted, it doesn’t have the full-on extensions capabilities Firefox users get addicted to, but there’s still plenty you can customise in Internet Explorer 8 even without playing with the new Web Slices and Accelerators features.

The IEBlog runs down the options built into IE8 for customising the menus, favourites and toolbar areas, ranging from changing the size of each displayed favorite to switching off the favorites bar altogether (the option I choose as a dedicated minimalist).

One potentially useful idea if you’re working on a large screen: move the toolbar to the top of the screen so you can fit more tabs across the main page. (One tip: As well as unlocking the toolbars, you may need to widen the toolbar before you can successfully drag it to the new position.)

Customization in IE8 [IEBlog]


  • Angus, Interesting customization options for on IE8. RE: Accelerators as a new feature in IE8, wanted your readers who use Firefox and are new to IE8 to be aware that Firefox has a version of Accelerators too, it is called “KALLOUT – Accelerators for Firefox” It’s available as a free add-on through Firefox. See:

    The accelerators (and customization options) from MS will actually work directly with KallOut-Accelerators for Firefox so users can stick with Firefox if they want and still get the benefits of the community-developed accelerator.


  • There is nowhere near enough customisation for the toolbars. Pretty sad really, seems MS is going backwards on this feature, not just in IE but also office (ended up going back to 097 because the new office toolbar setup is so poor).

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