HarvestHub Co-Op Offers Cheap Fresh Fruit And Veg

HarvestHub Co-Op Offers Cheap Fresh Fruit And Veg
harvesthubBuying seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables is obviously sensible, but not many of us want to drive to an early morning market to get cheap prices. Nascent co-op service HarvestHub offers an interesting alternative approach, letting you collect a weekly delivery of fruit and vegetables from a local co-ordinator

The scheme is pretty simple. You sign up and specify a weekly order size ($15 for small, $25 for medium, or $35 for large). Once a week at a set time, you pick up your order from your local ‘hubster’ (a volunteer who receives the deliveries from HarvestHub). What’s supplied varies each week based on what’s in season and well-priced.

Signing up costs $25, but you can trial one box before paying to make sure the service suits your needs. You can’t customise your order, but you can specify a list of five items you never want to see in your box.

HarvestHub is currently limited to a small group of suburbs in northern Sydney, but plans to expand. If you’ve got another favourite service for fresh food, share it in the comments. Thanks Di!



  • Sounds like a great idea for those that are time poor and also a fabulous way to easily be introduced to new fruit and vegetables.

    Personally, I couldn’t outsource the fruit and veg shopping, I love examining the seasonal fresh produce too much.

    If you have the time, there are co-ops, community gardens and fresh food suppliers in most major cities and some suburbs around Australia though. In WA there’s a nice little market at Mt Claremont primary school, a small organic selection at City Farm in East Perth, Albany Farmers market plus many more in the hills and around the traps.

  • I used to live in the states and have gotten CSA subscriptions like this for years – they are fantastic! Does any one know of anything similar in Melbourne?

  • There are the Fremantle Markets in Fremantle W.A. and the Markets in Subiaco just behind the train station. If you say you don’t make use of the markets because you don’t feel like driving there, there is such a thing as public transport. Most markets are easy enough to get to using public transport and despite the rules about not carrying food on board trains and buses, usually they are very lenient when it comes to groceries. Hopefully Harvest Hub does expand though – I can see this being a valuable service for people who are actually time poor or who live way too far away from any decent market (such as in some of the new suburbs for example).

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