Gordon Ramsey Demonstrates The Perfect Scrambled Egg Breakfast

Gordon Ramsey Demonstrates The Perfect Scrambled Egg Breakfast

It’s a two-for-one clip—proof that celebri-chef Gordon Ramsey isn’t just a TV-addled scream machine, and a four-minute demonstration of how to make rich, fluffy scrambled eggs on a non-rushed morning.

Ramsay points out two bits of egg-cooking kitchen science worth noting:

  • Don’t salt or whisk the eggs before they get into your pan.
  • Give them a break from the heat once they get going, so they can combine and avoid drying out.

Whether or not you use Ramsay suggested additions of butter and crème fraîche to create a richer, smoother egg to drop onto oil-drizzled sourdough, his egg technique is worth a quick study. The star of Hell’s Kitchen (both the instructional British and vein-bulging U.S. versions) says he tests out every fresh-faced chef in his kitchens by having them make scrambled eggs, and we tend to believe him.

Care to counterpoint Ramsay’s technique with your own Perfect Scrambled Egg recipe? By all means, drop it off in the comments. Perfect Scrambled Eggs Breakfast [via tmblg]


  • I think Ramsey is a real jerk. I was watching an episode of “The F Word” on BBC America. During the opening he introduced the two new chefs in the kitchen. One he described as ” …a 22 year old American girl from Los Angeles”. Then, right after saying that, one can hear Ramsey’s voice overdubbed saying “Unfortunately”. Like the jerk added the insult in the editing room!

    I thought about if for a second and then deleted all his shows from my DVR, and all future recordings. If the Scottish twit wants to pick on American girls, he can kiss my ass. What a freakin’ lose

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