Google Tweaks Suggest, Transit Maps, AdSense For Aussie Users

googlesuggestAustralia is often pretty low on the list when it comes to Google rolling out new features, but the search giant yesterday tweaked quite a few of its offerings for the local market. The most immediately obvious change is to Google Suggest, the technology which recommends possible search queries. This has been tweaked to recognise your location, so suggestions for Australian users should be more relevant. This seemed to work reasonably well in our tests, though it could be irritating if (for example) you're planning an overseas trip and really do want Newcastle, UK rather than Newcastle, NSW. In that case, hit the Preferences option (next to the main search box) and turn suggestions off.

Google's Transit layer for maps is really handy when it's fully integrated with public transport timetable information, but so far that's only been made fully available in two Australian cities: central Perth and Adelaide. Now a third city has joined in the fun: Geraldton. Given this is still in the TransPerth area, it perhaps only qualifies as half a point. Come on Google, give the east coast a try!

Finally, Google has also extended its trial of a new Adsense interface to Australian users.


    As far as I know, the framework is there for any city to integrate with Google transit. The transit providers just need to make their timetabling and geographical information available in the correct format for google integration.

    More information on the application process for transit providers is here:

    Encourage your favourite public transport operators to get involved (Melbourne... hint hint...)

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