Google Not Rushing Towards Other Mobile Browser Clients

Google Not Rushing Towards Other Mobile Browser Clients
curve8900Android and iPhone users might be able to enjoy enhanced Gmail access direct from their browsers, but it looks like other smart phone users might have a much longer wait.

As a long-time BlackBerry user, I was curious as to whether Google had any plans to offer a BlackBerry specific Gmail browser offering. (Google already offers a specific Gmail Mobile client for the BlackBerry, but it’s rather clunky compared to the BlackBerry’s own elegant email interface.) When I put the question to Google, I got this response:

.As new devices enter the market with world-class browsers supporting HTML5 or Gears technologies, such as persistent storage and application cache, we hope to support more devices.

In other words: don’t hold your breath. Windows Mobile users might feel a touch more hopeful — since Gears is already supported in Internet Explorer, adding it to Windows Mobile might be less painful — but there’s still nothing concrete on the horizon.

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