GO Contact Sync Keeps Google And Outlook Contacts Matched

Windows only: GO Contact Sync is a handy little synchroniser that keeps your Google (G) and Outlook (O) contacts in line. You run it once or schedule it, and customise how it handles your data.

If all you want is a little tray app that does two-way syncing every time you run it, or auto-starts and syncs every X minutes, GO Contact Sync has you covered. But the tiny tray app also allows you to create different "sync profiles," where you can customise whether the sync goes just Google to Outlook, only Outlook to Google, and how it handles possible merges between your names and addresses. There's also a toggle box to recognise and re-create deletions.

One notable annoyance: you're definitely going to want to turn off "Merge Prompt," unless you love clicking on confirmation boxes that lack a "Yes/No to all" option. And I had a little trouble getting GO Contact Synce to connect to my Google contacts for the final upload on the first try; the second try was no problem, though.

GO Contact Sync is a free download for Windows systems only. For more tools to power up and connect Outlook to the wider web, try our Top 10 Outlook boosters

GO Contact Sync [WebGear.co.nz]


    Should i expect outlook to warn me that a program is trying to read my email addresses?

    Tried to run using Outlook 2007. Put in all config settings per site, but program did not seem to execute at all... It just sat there with the SYNC button grayed out. Uninstalled and reinstalled with same results??

      Give it a Sync Profile name. They sync button will become available.

    Can this be used with Google Apps for your Domain? Or just gmail?

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