Offers Instant-Preview Firefox Themes

1 Offers Instant-Preview Firefox Themes

Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Firefox launched its Personas theming extension nearly a year ago, but now there’s a big, search-able repository that instantly applies themes for previewing. Check out what offers and how it works.

As we previously noted, skinning Firefox for a new look doesn’t exactly add much productivity to your browsing day, but if you’re going to seek out that complete desktop theme feel, GetPersonas makes it seriously simple. As in, mouse over a theme to have it instantly drawn onto your Firefox window, or click it once to have it applied to your browser chrome.

The Mozilla team’s also offered up their own screencast detailing how GetPersonas works:

Share you favourite Personas theme links, or totally expected criticism of how much time this could waste, in the comments.

Personas for Firefox: Dress up your web browser [via Mozilla Links]


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