FreeProxy Helps You Circumvent Restrictive Firewalls

FreeProxy Helps You Circumvent Restrictive Firewalls

Windows only: Corporate firewall got you down? No Facebook behind your school’s filter? FreeProxy is a simple proxy tool for routing your browsing through your home computer.

At the computer and technology blog MakeUseOf, they’ve put together a straightforward tutorial on how to set up FreeProxy, including the software setup, configuring your router, and setting your browser to use a proxy server. Once you’re done, all your remote browser traffic will be piped through your home connection, reopening the world wide web to you.

How to Bypass Firewalls & Get into Blocked Websites in School or at Work with FreeProxy [MakeUseOf]


  • @kirbyhood as mentioned above freecap, there is also another application out there called sockscap that i’ve found to be very good..

    I use a service called “your freedom” to tunnel traffic through the internet and use OpenVPN to tunnel all my traffic through that…

    i live in shared accommodation and that has internet provided by the landlord but all the ports beyond the extreme standard ones are blocked on the modem (she doesn’t remember the password) I’ve swapped the router out with my own WRT-54GL running tomato to give me more control over the network and to be able to set QoS but there are very few things that work.

    irc is blocked, port 8080, most online games including world of warcraft don’t and the list goes on..

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