Foxtel iQ2 Lets You Extend Recording Time By 20 Minutes

Foxtel iQ2 Lets You Extend Recording Time By 20 Minutes

Nick over at Gizmodo points out a neat feature being rolled into the next firmware upgrade for the Foxtel iQ2 digital video recorder, which lets you automatically add 20 minutes to the recording time for scheduled programs. Given how untrustworthy the free-to-air guys are in particular, this is a super-useful development. Foxtel’s iQ2 Now Lets You Record Up To 20 Minutes After A Show’s Finished [Gizmodo AU]


  • Foxtel should also provide this facility for IQ1. The current maximum of 10 minutes beyond the scheduled time is rarely enough for free to air programs (particularly those starting at 7.30 or 8.30 pm).
    It is noted that a firmware update appears to have been made to IQ1 at the front end of programming. Whereas I have my IQ1 permanently set to start 5 minutes before the scheduled program start, it now does not start recording until the actual start time and then shows 5 minutes as the “elapsed” recording time. Anyone else noticed this?

  • Cute feature, but this firmware upgrade completely broke the already crippled series link.

    While you can add a series link to a program, next week’s episode will not appear on your planner once the current episode has been recorded. Series link has been getting worse over time.

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