FOX Sports Mobile Offers Live Scores On Your Phone

FOX Sports Mobile Offers Live Scores On Your Phone
foxsportsmobileFOX Sports has rolled out a mobile version of its site, promising live score updates to sports fans desperate for a statistical fix while on the move.

Not many Australian publishers have bothered to create mobile-friendly versions of their sites — and those who have often concentrate too heavily on the iPhone — so the FOX offering (built by m.Net) is a welcome addition. It includes specific sub-pages for all major local sports, and a live stats update with the latest scores from matches in progress. It will be interesting to see how this holds up on a football-heavy Saturday afternoon, but if it does, it’s a possible mobile-friendly solution for fans complaining that they can’t easily get live AFL scores on Twitter.

FOX Sports Mobile


  • this is one of my favouritestever mobile sites of the moment.

    have been using it since the start of the footy season, and it’s heaps better than any alternatives. for a start better than the bigpond mobile sites – you dont need to be a subscriber of their network and you also dont need to pay.

    it’s easy to use, nav is great, fast to load, has live scores and at the end of most games on a weekend a quick editorial snapshot. you can also check the ladder for any comp, and games coming up for the next weekend.

    all they need to do now is integrate live betting and you’ve got the all encompassing mobile sports app!!

  • The only problem I have found is that it doesn’t list the time in the score updates. In a NRL game it makes a big difference if someone is up by 2 in the 10th minute vs the 79th minute.

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