Four Small And Fresh Experimental Firefox Extensions

Four Small And Fresh Experimental Firefox Extensions

It hasn’t been that long since we last rounded up the experimental Firefox extensions worth checking out. In the meantime, though, some very small helpers came along and added some clever functionality to the ‘fox.

As always with this series, the downloads we’re pointing to here are both unapproved by Firefox’s maker, Mozilla, and require creating an account or logging into it, because the standard use-at-your-own-risk warnings for unofficial or untested software apply. That said, many experimental extensions are just waiting for a final go-ahead from Mozilla, and can be pretty darned useful.

Firefox 3.5 New Tab prototype

beta of Firefox 3.1make that 3.5


Everything file searcher



Deliciouspreviously mentioned LongURL

Tell us all about any other great experimental extensions you’ve found recently in the web’s quieter corners in the comments.

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