Five Best Image Editing Tools

Five Best Image Editing Tools

Long gone are the days where snapshots came back from the photo lab and disappeared into albums and shoe boxes. Now, digital photos are tweaked, adjusted, and remixed in ways their analogue counterparts couldn’t imagine. Here’s the top five contenders for the crown of Best Image Editor.

Photo by NoiceCollusion.

Picasa (Windows/Mac/Linux, Free)

GIMP (Windows/Mac/*nix, Free)

Adobe Photoshop (Windows/Mac, $1500)

Photo by HVarga. (Windows, Free)

Adobe Lightroom (Windows/Mac, $499)

Photo by M. Keefe.

Can’t believe your favourite editor didn’t make it to the top five? Wishing a copy of Adobe Photoshop would fall off the back of a truck for you? Sound off in the comments below with your photo editing opinions.


  • Nice roundup of image-editors, but is actually ‘Paint.NET’, the capitalised NET coming from the fact that its built around the NET framework. Just thought I would clear that up.

  • Another vote for paint shop pro especially the earlier version 7 and 8. It’s like the quick-loading photoshop at a much lower price. No blending options but it’s great for quick pixel editing.

  • paintshop pro still has my love and the new versions grow more and more professional. The ability to write and even record and re-edit python scripts makes it ideal for batch processes.
    Because of portability and price I now use the Gimp. For some special problems I either go back to my own PSP X or I temporarily install the demo version of PSP X3, or is it X4 by now…

  • As a Mac user,
    Apple Aperture does 80-90% of what I used to do in Photoshop.
    I only use Photoshop now when I need to stamp/clone something or edit CYMK curves.
    But I must admit that Content Awareness and new Brushes in APS CS5 and other new features of AID, AI, APS will be/is a seller for me to get Creative Suite 5 upgrade!

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