Firefox 3.6 Will Focus On Desktop Web Apps, Speed, And No-Restart Extension Installation

Firefox 3.5 isn't set to release until June, but that doesn't mean Mozilla isn't already looking ahead to the next release. Weblog Mozilla Links reports that Firefox 3.6 is already in the works, and the developers are focusing on performance, extension installation that doesn't require a restart (god-send!), improved file-uploading (à la the Dragdropupload extension), and an option to convert web applications to desktop apps. We've seen the last feature in Google Chrome, and the functionality has been available for some time via Prism, but integration seems like a good idea if they want to keep up with the Chromeses. Got any features you'd kill to see in Firefox 3.6? Let's hear it in the comments.


    I hope they fix up the memory hogging issues with Firefox. I have to restart Firefox every few hours just so that the firefox.exe Task on the Task Manager can release the memory. When the memory usage is high, firefox tends to run much slower.

    I concur with Wobble. After a couple of hours open with Facebook and Gmail running it just kills the browser with memory leakage. Am sick of it...

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