Firefox 3.0.10 Released, Fixes Major Stability Issue

Firefox 3.0.10 Released, Fixes Major Stability Issue

Firefox may have updated to 3.0.9 just last week with a few critical security fixes, but the folks at Mozilla are already pushing out 3.0.10—this time fixing a major stability issue and one security fix. Seems like a little bit of a bungle on Mozilla’s part to require two pushes so close together, but the plus side, of course, is that they do release important fixes with lightning speed. [Mozilla Developer News; Download]


  • I got memory leak with this firefox 3.0.10.
    i just open 2 web page, 1 facebook and 1 my web application.

    my web application only 156KB with no flash or media. just css and javascript and plain html and some small images. and it eats 1.0 GB my memory suddenly …

  • Firefox has a continuing problem of not closing cleanly. A hung process which can not be removed using task manager remains and the system needs to be reset. I had other reasons to reinstall Vista and this fixed Firefox as well until version 3.0.10 and now the problem is back

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